‘Lamebo Fighter’ released for iOS!

Posted on March 28, 2012 by

Skyboard releases an addictively fast and furious zombie blasting game featuring Lamebo, the tough, gun-toting super lamb soldier who’s here to kick some serious zombie butt.

Control Lamebo and defend yourself against a multitude of strange creatures such as half-bodied crawling zombies, zombified chickens that lay venomous eggs, katana-yielding zombified ninja rabbits and explosive keg throwing zombie bears!

Face more challenging zombies and levels as you progress, with a wide array of upgradeable weapons to help you blast zombies to smithereens.


Game Features:

  • The ultimate zombie blasting action comedy gaming experience!
  • Superb graphics from the award-winning MediaFreaks animation studio!
  • 36 levels of insane zombie shooting action!
  • 7 awesome weapons with 21 super upgrades!
  • Scores of zombies all with their unique attack styles!
  • Bonus endless mode to put your zombie vanquishing skills to the test!
  • Unlock Super Lamebo for double the firepower!
  • Upgrade to Mini Lamebos for triple the firepower!
  • Maniacally funny voiceovers!
  • Wickedly original soundtrack!

Download ‘Lamebo Fighter’ (Free)!

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