Ion Ray X released for iOS!


Posted on January 30, 2013 by

Stoke your nostalgia for NES-era vertical shooters with Ion Ray X, Skyboard’s latest app for iOS!


You are a member of the Terran Space Navy’s elite team of pilots. Spearhead the Navy’s operation against the mysterious alien threat with the SSI Mark I spacecraft in this action packed space shooter.

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  • Awesome sci-fi themed graphics and setting: SPAAAAAAAAAACE!
  • Endless amounts of challenging vertical shooter mayhem!
  • Featuring the SMART Missile Targeting System! Launch multiple high explosive missiles towards a locked-on target.
  • A wide variety of unique weapons and upgrades available.
  • Defeat aliens to acquire credits and spend them to upgrade your space ship in the Weapon Shop.
  • Unlock powerful special weapons by completing Normal and Hard mode
  • Defeat 22 types of alien creatures with 8 boss monsters.

Download Ion Ray X for FREE from the iTunes App Store!



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