Alice of Hearts now available for Android!


Posted on December 11, 2012 by

Skyboard has just released a unique game that mixes mechanics from RPGs, puzzle games, and poker, featuring an equally weird lore and world. Dive into the rabbit hole and enter the sinister world of Wonderland in Alice of Hearts.


Follow Alice through Wonderland as she struggles to find her way home. Familiar faces trick and tease her for their own gains, but they have made one mistake; they have underestimated Alice.

With her trusted Ego warriors fighting alongside her, Alice is ready for the toughest of tests.



  • Guide Alice in her journey through the weird world of Wonderland
  • Turn-based card battle system using poker hands, skills and other abilities
  • Place better hands for greater effect
  • Create your own Ego, a warrior of the wonderland, to aid you in battle
  • Arm your Ego with weapons, items and armor, and level it up through combat
  • Create Egos with different strengths and abilities to overcome every challenge
  • Hundreds of combinations to choose from
  • Collect rare special cards that can change the tide of the battle
  • Challenge your friends through Facebook and take your Ego to battle against other players
  • Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard!

Alice of Hearts is now available for FREE on Google Play!

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