Guitar Pick and RPG Hero Story, now available on Android!


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Discover what it takes to be a hero through Skyboard App’s latest releases! Become a heroic half-minute guitar player in Guitar Pick, or battle as a heroic warrior against fantastic creatures and other would-be-heroes in RPG Hero Story!

How good can you rock a guitar in 30 seconds? Challenge the limits of your reflexes in Guitar Pick!

GP01 GP02

This guitar-themed time-attack music rhythm game will test the limits of your speed and accuracy! Tap as much chords as you can before the timer ends. Tapping on the wrong chord will disable you from picking another chord for a one precious second, so watch out!

Can you be a hero with Guitars? Download Guitar Pick for FREE!

Enter a massive fantasy world filled with magic, danger, heroes and legendary creatures as you battle for supremacy in RPG Hero Story!


Explore a vast, colorful world overflowing with powerful gods and fearsome monsters! Choose your stalwart warrior from 18 different heroes. Prepare your hero for battle using a unique gem puzzle battle system. Collect various magical items and equipment, and learn powerful skills. Compete with other players in the PVP Arena! Join a guild and test your combined might in a unique guild vs. guild battle!

A heroic adventure awaits you! Download RPG Hero Story for FREE!

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